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Open Relationship Hack #1

If you are currently single and want to explore consensual non-monogamy, try dating those who are already living it. Many online-dating platforms offer special search options to help you find the right match.

Make consious choices about your relationship type

For example, OK Cupid has been welcoming forms of non-monogamous relationships for many years. Though you can pick to be shown both monogamous AND non-monogamous partners, I recommend focusing on what you are interested in right now - don´t worry, you will still have plenty of partner options and can always change it back. You don´t want develop feelings for someone with different expectations, trying to convince them and then find both of you heartbroken.

Feeld is another dating app which includes diverse relationship options and may also be your thing if you are curious about joining a couple.

Pro Tip: If you want to avoid being outed as non-monogamous, you can hide from people you are connected with on social media by signing up for a payment option

Disclosure: I don´t get sponsored by the apps mentioned and share what I find a helpful feature


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