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Do you want more in love, lust and life?

I support individuals, couples and multi-person constellations.


Online and in Berlin.



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I believe your love life matters tremendously in your overall happiness. And I think the best way to reach sexual bliss is to explore yourself and to dare to go for what you desire.


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My name is Christina Gesing. As a therapist, I support you in your sexuality and relationships.

Focus of my work


Desire differences, low libido & sexual disorders

You want more or less sex than your partner, got erectile problems, pain during sex or are suffering from vaginismus


Alternative forms of relationship such as polyamory and open relationships

You are interested in a consensually non-monogamous relationship or you are already living this model

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You identify as gay, bi-sexual, non-binary, queer,transgender, intersex or asexual or you are questioning your gender or your sexual orientation.


BDSM + Kink

You have sexual  fantasies and preferences in the  field of dominance and submission or fetish

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Clients & Partners


Consultant & Coach at

Dearest - Learn to Love Healthier


Expert at -Mental Health Support

for Your Workforce


Live Tutorial "Love your Vulva" at

Cheex - Pleasure for Everyone

Many of us feel shame and fear or barely know our sexual desires.

We “do”  in both bedroom and life what we assume that is expected of us.

Lets challenge the sexual script and find out what it is YOU actually desire.

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