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Bridging two worlds

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

After all those exciting workshops, inspirational reading and listening to countless podcasts, it's time to share and actively create. So many juicy topics waiting to be covered—but let's start slow.

About me. I finally (!) finished my license as a psychotherapist in Germany 2 weeks ago, I quit my job at the hospital and decided to follow my passion - to focus on love & lust by offering my services as a sex therapist and intimacy coach. Right now I am focussing on individuals and couples interested in exploring open relationships. A topic very dear to me.

Why open relationships? I first heard about consensual non-monogamy during a workshop on conscious sexuality, which, by the way, was life-changing for me in many ways, thanks to Mareen Scholl and Christian. Among the participants was a woman who said she had brought “one of her partners” to the workshop with her. I was fascinated by that and being very curious I probably asked her way too many questions. Hooked on the idea I ordered loads of books to further educate myself on a theoretical level. Unfortunately, back then, I had no friends that could have shared their experiences of the practicalities of “being open” with me.

The importance of a support network. Though most of my friends brought a sense of curiosity and some certainly found my trials and tribulations entertaining, having a person in one’s life that can actually relate makes a huge difference. If you diverge from the dominant culture in any way—in your relationship style, or your sexual preference, or you name it—building a support network that understands what you’re going through is essential. Having people who are on a similar path can help put things in perspective and keep you from feeling like “I’m the only one.”

The best of two worlds.Taking what I’ve learned, I would love to bridge the gap between two worlds. With my explorations of the sex-positive scene and my academic trainings as a systemic sex therapist and cognitive behavioural psychotherapist, I believe I have a rich knowledgbase and skillset to help others as they explore new territories in relationships and sexuality.

There is so much to discovered and I am hungry for more,


If you are curious to discover, too and would like to know more about me and my work, book a free 20 minute video call.

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